In Recital for the Advancing Pianist, Original Solos, Book 2



The most recent addition to this successful series, is this 12-piece collection, strongly rooted in the classical music tradition – polonaises, serenades, barcarolles, toccatas, rhapsodies – that also contains jazz and Latin music. Written by 11 composers, these works will capture the attention of audiences and showcase the virtuosic abilities of the advancing pianist, either with technical bravura, emotional intensity or with jazz prowess. Titles include: Incognito; Danza; True Blue; Bossa Pipa; Toccata in A Minor; and Rhapsody in D-flat.

Nocturne in C Minor
Time Traveler
Lá grimas en la noche
Polonaise in G Minor
Tail Wind
Fantasia Appassionata
Astor’s Tango
Song Without Words
Vers libre
Breezes Over Avignon
Prelude in E Minor