In Recital Throughout the Year, Volume Two, Book 4



Book 4 of In Recital® Vol. Two offers tips on recital preparation, a “Preparing for Success” practice guide, a “Creating a Story” feature, and “During and After the Recital,” as part of a progressive discussion on the art of performance. New elements include: sixteenth note patterns, compound meters, inversions of major, minor, and diminished I, IV, and V chords, hand-over-hand arpeggios, some L.H. melodic passages, and more intricate accompaniments. Contents include solos and arrangements, plus classical and patriotic themes: An equal part duet version of Bizet’s Habanera (arr. Olson), and a solo arrangement of Battle Hymn of the Republic (arr. Bober).

Irish Dance
Prairie Wind
The Gathering Storm
Variations on a Classical Theme
Jack o’ Lantern Jazz
Barn Dance
Silent Night
Battle Hymn of the Republic