Jazz, Blues, and Rags Treasures Volume 1



This series is devoted to ageless jazz, blues and ragtime pieces. The composers/arrangers were commissioned to create engaging original solos and arrangements, and the result is an assortment of carefully leveled solos (12) and one equal-part duet. Ten of the twelve solos include an optional duet. Eighth notes don’t appear in this volume, but syncopations and accidentals do. Some well-known titles are: Glad Cat Rag; House of the Rising Sun; Danny Boy; The Alley Cat Song; and Swanee. Un viento caliente by Edwin McLean is sure to be a favorite with a big sound, yet easy patterns to read and to play. Adults and older beginners will really enjoy this book.

Swingin’ Cats
Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home?
Bringin’ It Home
Sunshine Rag
Glad Cat Rag
Electric Blues
Rockin’ the Blues
House of the Rising Sun
Un viento caliente
Danny Boy
The Alley Cat Song