Musical Treasures, Volume 1

Andrey Komanetsky


In Musical Treasures, Volume 1, students will find numerous character piano works that will broaden their musical understanding and imagination. These inventive and fun-to-play pieces will bring them closer to the intricate world of sound. This collection explores various aspects of piano playing, including different articulations (State Fair), syncopated rhythms (Dance of the Coconuts), legato playing (Looking over a Moonlit Lake), and finger dexterity (Waltzing Bees). These single-paged piano pieces could serve as an introduction to the standard piano literature of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Funny Bunny
Farewell Waltz
A Brisk Walk in the Park
Lonely Puppet
The King and the Queen
Little Song
One Spooky Ghost
An Imp
Russian Dancer
Pleasant Day
Dance in D
Finger Dance
Little Study
Shepherd’s Song
Riding Along
Dance of the Coconuts
State Fair
Dancing Pony
Looking Over a Moonlit Lake
Square Dance
That Fox Has a New Tail
Serene Blues
Waltzing Bees