Succeeding with the Masters, Baroque Era, Volume One



Baroque Era, Volume One of Succeeding with the Masters® is a collection of 22 graded repertoire pieces by J.S. Bach, Handel and Scarlatti. These works, mostly dances, build a foundation for playing more advanced baroque music. Complete and easily comprehensible overviews of the era’s musical characteristics appear throughout, along with composer biographies and illustrative practice strategies. This approach to learning style, technique and historical context provides a valuable foundation for successful performance. Companion recordings of complete performances and a practice strategy workshop is provided.

Theme in F major
Minuet in G major
Musette in D major
Minuet in G minor
Minuet in D minor
Minuet in G major
Minuet in G
Minuet in C minor
Prelude in C major
Minuet in G major
Minuet in F major
Gavotte in G major
Air in B flat major
Sonatina in G major
Minuet in G minor
Minuetto in C major
Larghetto in D minor
Minuetto in B flat major
Minuetto in C minor