The Festival Collection, Book 3



Book 3 begins the introduction of literature for the Early Intermediate student. The repertoire included in this level will provide your students the necessary structure and experience that will allow them to hone their abilities and fine-tune their technique and interpretation. These pieces will carefully lead them towards the Intermediate and Late Intermediate level repertoire. Features pieces by composers such as: Georg Philipp Telemann (Fantasie); Franz Joseph Haydn (Sonata in F major, Third Movement: Scherzo); and Dmitri Kabalevsky (Five Variations on a Russian Folk Song, Opus 51, No. 1).

Minuet in A minor
Minuet in G major
Minuet in E minor
Minuet in C major
Minuet in A minor
Minuet in G minor (from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, BWV Anhang 115)
Minuet in D minor
The Fifers
Never a Dull Moment
Sonatina in G
Sonatina in G major (Op. 151, No. 1, Movement 2)
Sonata in F major (Hob XVI/9, Movement 3)
Sonatina in C major (Op. 36, No. 1)
Innocence (Op. 100, No. 5)
Progress (Op. 100, No. 6)
Through Forest and Field
In the Garden (Op. 82, No. 4)
Song (Op. 183)
Arabesque (Op. 100, No. 2)
Hunting Music (Op. 210, No. 5)
Praeludium (Op. 183, No. 1)
Romantic Study (Op. 139, No. 49)
Romantic Study (Op. 261, No. 54)
Andantino (Op. 55, No. 3)
Kamarinskaya (Op. 39, No. 14)
Highwayman’s Tune
Play it Again
Machines on the Loose
Five Variations on a Russian Folk Song (Op. 51, No. 1)
The Elegant Toreador
Waltz (Op. 105, No. 7)
Little Shepherd
Playing Soldiers (Op. 31, No. 4)