Write, Play, and Hear Your Theory Every Day, Book 2

Helen Marlais with Peggy O’Dell and Kristen Avila


Book 2 in this series continues helping students learn their theory in the most beneficial way-by combining it with ear training at the same time, which promotes well-rounded musicianship. In this book, students learn more notes on the staff as well as intervals, half and whole steps, major and minor five-finger patterns, key signatures and more. There is an entire unit on music analysis as well as a final test. It is here that students synthesize everything they have learned throughout the book. As in Book 1, every unit includes a multitude of activities such as: writing, playing, and listening; “Count and Hear Your Theory”; “Write and Play Your Theory”; Lesson Day activity; and a downloadable MP3s to reinforce every unit, which can be used at home or at the lesson.