Succeeding with the Masters, Classical Era, Volume Two



Volume Two continues this collection of graded repertoire pieces by Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. These marvelous selections, compiled from original sources, build a foundation for playing advanced classical music. After studying and performing them, the student will be ready for entry-level sonatas by each of these great composers. As in Volume One, complete and easily comprehensible overviews of the era’s musical characteristics appear throughout, along with illustrative practice strategies. Companion recordings of complete performances and practice strategies are provided.

Minuet in D major, Hob. 20
Minuet in B flat major
Gypsy Dance in C major
Minuet in D major, Hob. 3
Minuet in C major
Scherzo in F major
Andante in G minor
Presto in C major
Mozart biography
Klavierstuck in F
Andante in F
Minuet in F
Little Funeral March
Moderato in F major
The pianoforte
Adagio in C for Glass Harmonica
Presto in B flat major
Beethoven biography
German Dance in E flat major
Bagatelle in A minor
Allemande in A
Waltz in E flat major
Minuet in C major
Fur Elise
Minuet in D major
Six Variations on a Swiss Song