Succeeding with the Masters, Romantic Era, Volume One



Succeeding with the Masters®, Romantic Era, Volume One, is a collection of graded repertoire featuring selections from Tchaikovsky, Schumann, and Schubert-three great masters of the Romantic era. These works build a foundation for playing the more advanced repertoire of the Romantic era. Each piece is introduced by a short “discovery” of a particular characteristic of the Romantic era. Practice strategies guide the student in preparing and performing each piece. This comprehensive approach to learning style, technique, and historical context provides a valuable foundation for successful performance of all romantic repertoire pieces.

“Ecossaise In C Major
German Dance In A Major
Ecossaise In G Major
Laendler In G Major
Laendler In B Flat Major
Waltz In B Minor
Laendler In G Major
Waltz In A Major
Soldiers March
The Wild Rider
A Hymn
Humming Song
First Loss
The Merry Farmer
Little Study
The Sick Doll
The New Doll
Russian Song
Old French Song
March Of The Wooden Soldiers “