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Succeeding at the Piano - Core 2nd Edition

Succeeding at the Piano Lesson Book – Preparatory (2nd Edition)

This is a special edition with similar music and art for teachers who prefer teaching technique in their own, personal style. We’ve taken out some technical hints and reminders so teachers can use their unique, descriptive vocabulary for the physical gestures necessary to play beautifully. Concepts for beginners include basic rhythmic figures, dynamics, healthy technique,...

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Succeeding at the Piano Flash Card Friend – Grade 1A (2nd Edition)

The SATP flash cards serve as an important tool in learning and reinforcing necessary information to succeed in music. They are presented in a clear and organized fashion designed to provide an easy way to drill new concepts and reinforce previous ones as the student progresses. A perfect supplement to build a strong foundation!

Succeeding at the Piano Flash Card Friend – Grade 2A

This set contains 108 cards presented in a clear and organized manner providing an easy way to drill, reinforce, and introduce new concepts. Traditional note reading as well as intervallic reading is further reinforced. Each card is numbered so they can be kept in sequence and are correlated to the 2A Lesson and Technique Book.