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Technique supports Musicality. Both support success. Success is the greatest motivator.

In Dr. Marlais’ publications, students learn body-friendly technique from the very beginning. The technique lessons are approachable and not overwhelming.  It’s easy for teachers to teach and fun for students to learn.  This important technique can easily take your students to the next level of playing and Artistic Personality.

Order through the website, with the links specified on each book below.

The piano series that Dr. Marlais has developed have become an integral part of piano students’ repertoire across the country and abroad.  This comprehensive curriculum gives you and your students the tools and materials that are needed to succeed in piano playing. From the beginner levels to advanced, students learn the core fundamentals of music study, including reading, rhythm, technique, musicality, theory, ear training, sight reading, composition, and repertoire. The repertoire includes classical music, sonatinas, jazz, blues, folk, hymns, spirituals, originals, popular, Christmas, music history, and the contemporary music of living art music composers.

Music Downloads with Variable Speed Playback Now Available!

All of the books that have play-along tracks now include variable speed playback. Just use the scannable code in each book.  Compatible with desktop and mobile devices, there is no software to download or install. Access this pedagogical feature anywhere!