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The FJH Contemporary Keyboard Editions

Contemporary Collage – Music of the 21st Century, Volume 1, Book 1

This collection contains exciting contemporary pieces (solos and duets) by seven leading FJH composers that will open up a world of new sounds through bitonality, chromaticism, jazz harmonies, mixed meters, ostinato patterns, whole tone scales, aleatoric writing, and unique pedal effects – all that are fun to play! This collection will give students the opportunity...

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Contemporary Collage – Music of the 21st Century, Volume 1, Book 2

This second book in this collection features exciting solos and duets by nine leading FJH composers that will further expand the student’s concept of rhythm, harmony, sound and texture. The pieces utilize musical techniques such as ametric and mixed meters, nontraditional harmonic and melodic patterns, varying rhythmic patterns, and much more. This collection provides a...

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Dance Preludes for Piano Duet

Inspired by Witold Lutoslawki’s approach to form and melody, Timothy Brown has created this innovative work consisting of five preludes for the advanced pianist. Written for two pianists, this duet features simple folk-like melodies that are combined with mixed meters, dissonance, bitonality and other challenging contemporary devices. Dance Preludes is a colorful experimentation in timbre...

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Intuitive Journeys

Intuitive Journeys is a late intermediate through advanced collection of piano solos that invites students to explore the emotional messages behind the notes written on the page. Students are encouraged to use their instincts and imagination to create their own musical experience, and enjoy the process of self-discovery.

Modern Expressions for Piano

Sure to be a modern classic, this witty, accessible collection is for the adventurous late intermediate/early advanced student. Ms. Roubos expresses her unique voice by mixing contemporary and traditional harmonies that transport you to the English sea in Rachael by the Sea; Berceuse combines crunchy seconds with soothing sounds; and Flowers in the Breeze sways back and forth as the...

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