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The FJH Contemporary Keyboard Editions

The FJH Contemporary Keyboard Catalog

The FJH Contemporary Keyboard Editions is a series that focuses on the best contemporary music for keyboard of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. These collected works by some of today’s leading art-music composers will expand a student’s concept of rhythm, harmony, sound, and texture. While the composers for this series use a colorful...

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Contemporary Collage – Music of the 21st Century, Volume 1, Book 3

Contemporary Collage, Volume 1, Book 3 consists of 17 intermediate through early advanced original contemporary pieces from FJH composers: Edwin McLean, Timothy Brown, Emma Lou Diemer, Andrey Komanetsky, Kevin Olson, Dianne Rahbee, Martín Kutnowski, and Dimitar Ninov. Pianists will get exposure to many contemporary sounds and techniques through these new and fresh compositions. TABLE OF...

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Dance Preludes for Piano Duet

Inspired by Witold Lutoslawki’s approach to form and melody, Timothy Brown has created this innovative work consisting of five preludes for the advanced pianist. Written for two pianists, this duet features simple folk-like melodies that are combined with mixed meters, dissonance, bitonality and other challenging contemporary devices. Dance Preludes is a colorful experimentation in timbre...

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Echoes, Pictures, Riddles, and Tales for Piano Solo

As a young teacher, Martín Kutnowski would compose a specific piece to engage the particular personality or technical difficulties of one of his students. Surprised and amused, the student would make critiques, and the teacher would make improvements. This collection of miniature piano pieces is a living testament to the spontaneity and enthusiasm shared by...

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Intuitive Journeys

Intuitive Journeys is a late intermediate through advanced collection of piano solos that invites students to explore the emotional messages behind the notes written on the page. Students are encouraged to use their instincts and imagination to create their own musical experience, and enjoy the process of self-discovery.

Modern Expressions for Piano

Sure to be a modern classic, this witty, accessible collection is for the adventurous late intermediate/early advanced student. Ms. Roubos expresses her unique voice by mixing contemporary and traditional harmonies that transport you to the English sea in Rachael by the Sea; Berceuse combines crunchy seconds with soothing sounds; and Flowers in the Breeze sways back and forth as the...

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Modern Miniatures for Piano Solo, Volume 1

This artistic collection of over 30 piano miniatures are contrasting in nature – some are energetic, others lyrical – some are sad, others humorous. With variations on familiar melodies (Twinkle Winkle, Jack and Jill, Hickory Dickory Dock, and more) included among Rahbee’s original teaching pieces, these miniatures serve to help expand the student’s grasp of...

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